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How To Find A Good Local Insurance Agent

Find good Florida health insurance agentWhen it comes to owning health insurance, one of the best assets you can have is a good local insurance agent. In the State of Florida, this asset is zero cost to you.

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-- 4 Powerful Benefits of a Good Local Agent
-- What to Look For... and Look-Out For


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Four Powerful Benefits Of A Good Local Agent


You communicate directly with a real person, who is nearby if needed.


By State law, an independent health insurance agent works for you. Furthermore, you're a name, not a number, and you deal with known, not anonymous people. This is accountability the old fashioned way and it's still pretty effective.

Practical Know-How

For most people, no other type of insurance is as complex as health insurance. A good independent agent can offer you experience, know-how, and professional resources, all of which could prove to be invaluable over time.

No Cost to You

The services of an independent health insurance agent costs you nothing. With or without an agent, your premium is exactly the same.

What to Look For... and Look Out For

Insurance agent and insurance companiesAre you looking for a good, independent health insurance agent? Here are some tips and suggestions intended to assist you in your search.

* Look for an agent who is independent when it comes to health insurance, and is able to offer you a choice of plans from different health insurance companies.

* Look for an agent who you believe will be in business in your area for the long-term.

* Look for an agent who first asks questions about your needs, before recommending a plan. Different plans work better for different people. A good agent understands this fact and will attempt to discover your personal wants and needs before making a recommendation.

x Look Out for an agent who doesn't ask you qualifying questions, who is pushy, or who dismisses your questions as not relevant.

x Look Out for an agent who only offers a single product and it happens to be cheaper than anything else you've seen.

x Look Out for an agent who tells you to believe important features about a plan that you cannot find in writing.

x Look Out for an agent who encourages you not to be totally forthcoming and truthful on the health questionnaire.

This is just a guide. Always use your best judgment.

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