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Money-Saving Tips

Florida health, health insurance tipsHere are some tips to help you stretch your healthcare dollar, your health insurance dollar, and possibility to save your life.


Seven Tips...

1. Health Insurance Buying Tips
Here are a few suggestions, some of which are rarely found everywhere.

2. Preventing Medical Errors
According to credible estimates, more people die each year as a result of medical errors than from motor vehicle accidents, breast cancer, or AIDS.

3. Get The Max For Your Health Care Dollar
Three steps to get the maximum: (1) Be informed, (2) take charge, (3) keep track.

4. Insurance Claims Help
Here are some suggestions to help you through the medical claims process.

5. Insure A Dependent For Less
If you insure your family through your group medical plan, it may be possible to save money by insuring a family member through an individual medical plan instead.

6. COBRA and Florida "Mini-COBRA"
There is a difference. Understand your options.

7. Paramedic Exams For Health (and Life) Insurance
Good results help to keep your premium low. Here are some suggestions.

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