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Florida Doctors... Check-Out Your Doctor

The link below can be used in two ways.

  1. You can check the background of your current doctor, education, experience, etc..

  2. You can view a list of medical professionals in your area by specialty or medical certification.

Here is a direct link to the "Advanced Search" option for medical professionals, operated by the Florida Department of Health. You can search by name, profession, certification, specialty, city, county, Zip Code, in any combination.

Florida doctors Click Here For
Florida Physician Profiles

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This "Advanced Search" feature is by far the easiest and best for most people. Searching by a doctor's exact name or license number is often difficult. Searching by profession alone can give too large of a result to be practical. (For example, a search of the profession "Medical Doctor" yields over 90,000 names.)

The Advanced Search options allows for a search of Medical Doctors and also for Registered Nurse Practitioners, Chiropractic Physicians, and several other medical specialties. The search can be narrowed by selecting one of over 200 Medical Certifications.

If you are new to Florida, this link can help you find a new doctor nearby who is well-qualified.

If you already have a doctor, you can use this link to check your doctor's professional qualifications. Find out if your doctor has had any disciplinary actions or a malpractice history of concern.

Before undergoing any surgery, it might be wise to use this link to check your surgeon's educational and professional profile, or to find a highly qualified specialist for a second medical opinion.


Florida Doctors



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