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Top Florida Health Links... Plus

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-- Florida Health & Regulatory Agencies
-- Florida Government and Law
-- Florida Consumer Health Resources
-- Florida Professional Health Organizations
-- Plus ... 5 Fantastic Health Links For Everyone

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Florida Health & Regulatory Agencies

Florida Agency for Health Care Administration
The chief health policy and planning entity for the state, responsible for the administration of the Medicaid program, licensing and regulation of health facilities, and providing information to Floridians about the quality of the health care they receive in Florida.

Florida Department of Financial Services
The former Florida Department of Insurance has been merged into the Florida Department of Consumer Services. Consumer guides, consumer assistance and alerts.

A combined effort of Florida's health-related government agencies. This is a vast array of health care data bases and information resources. One of the best of its kind in the nation.

Florida Department of Health
Regulates and monitors water and food quality. Promotes the health and safety of Floridians through the prevention and control of diseases. Provides basic family health services to the needy and more.

Florida Department of Elder Affairs
THE health resource page for seniors.

Florida Department of Veteran's Affairs
Health benefits and medical facilities for veterans.

Florida Government and Law

Governor of Florida
Have a comment or question on a health topic in Florida? Why not start at the top?

Florida Citizen's Guide to the Legislature
Health is a hot topic in Florida right now. Find your state legislators here and let your feelings be known.

Florida Statutes
Know your rights! Research laws regulating agents, insurance companies, HMOs, doctors and more.

Florida Consumer Health Resources

Consumer Complaints - State of Florida
Have a complaint or concern regarding health care or a health care facility in Florida? Need a brochure on medical facilities? Start here.

How To Protect Yourself Against Health Fraud
Tips from the Florida Attorney General's office. While there, see how to subscribe to e-newsletters, including Consumer Bulletin and Consumer Fraud Alerts.
Toll-free Hotline to report health & Medicaid fraud: 1-866-966-7226)

Florida Department of Agriculture And Consumer Services
This Florida Agency is primarily responsible for consumer issues and complaints. Offers health-related information on topics ranging from avian flu to health studios.
(Florida's primary toll-free helpline for consumers: 1-800-435-7352)

Compare - Florida Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Health Plans, and More
Through this website, you are able to compare information for specific facilities on a particular medical condition or procedure. Brought to you by Florida's Agency for Healthcare Administration.

Florida Prescription Drug Prices
A resource to help Florida consumers shop for the lowest price in their area for their prescription drugs. Brought to you by Florida's Attorney General and the Agency for Health Care Administration.

Florida KidCare
Program providing health insurance to children of low income families.

Florida Alcohol and Drug Abuse Association
Representing over 100 community-based substance abuse and prevention agencies throughout Florida.

Florida Professional Health Organizations

Florida Hospital Association
Represents the interests of member hospitals and health systems concerning Medicare, Medicaid, and legislative issues.

Florida Medical Association
Provides information on issues directly impacting patients and physicians in Florida.

Florida Health Care Association
A federation of long term care providers with a searchable index of facilities

Florida Chiropractic Association
A professional, not-for-profit association. Find members in your area, plus chiropractic links.

5 Fantastic Health Links For Everyone

The world's largest medical library, on-line and fully searchable! If you have a medical question, this is a good place to start.

The Merck Manual
The best-selling medical reference book ever, on-line and fully searchable.

Health Finder
Reliable consumer health information, maintained by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Good sections on Medicare and health insurance, including the Affordable Care Act. Over 200 million hits per year.

As the name implies, the goal is to bust medical myths and frauds. QuackWatch is a non-profit corporation with a great website.

Agency for Healthcare Research & Quality
A part of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, AHRQ is a clearinghouse for medical research, publications, and surveys. Well organized and easy to search.

Even More...

For seniors 65 or over, the official U.S Government site for Medicare. Available plans by State, options, sign up or change plans, and more. If you have a Medicare question, this is the place to start.

For those needing health insurance the Affordable Care Act's National Health Insurance Marketplace site will lead you through a series of questions, and then offer specific insurance options and prices based on your answers.

Top Florida health links



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